About Us

Our mission is to supply fellow modeler's with qualityauthentic resin parts.

3 Years In Business

We are committed to evolving and enhancing our customer experience with innovative and original resin products.

Loved By Customers

We supply high-quality products through creating and offering unique selection and experiences.

Quality Resin

It is the quality of our work which will set us apart and not the quantity. We won’t sell a part that has voids or resin warts even if the defect will be covered.

Prepared Parts

Molds are laid out to hide the fill point so there is no extra resin to sand. Less time prepping — more time building!

Pressure Casting

I always use pressure to crush the bubbles and force the resin into tiny nooks and crannies, allowing for greater detail.

Cold Cast

Some parts are available with a color coating bonded to the resin during the cast process for a crisper detail that painting can blur.
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Who We Are

Based in Pasco Washington, Action-Modeler products are crafted in the USA by a long time car guy, mechanic, drag racer, and restorer of my prized 1977 Camaro muscle car.