Authentic Rusty Resin Iron Coated Resin

Rusty Resin

Authentic Rusty Resin Iron Coated Resin

Rusty Resin Iron Coated Resin

Our rusty resin parts are cold-cast with real iron giving them a coating that will rust like real rust. Unlike detail paints that require a unique talent with an assortment of colored paints. All one needs to create rust is white vinegar. Because these coatings are part of the casting process, they bond to the resin. Parts retain full detail, so you’re not covering fine detail with layers of paint replicating rust.

Airbrush A "Primer/Paint" Coat

Airbrush a “primer/paint” coat around the body to duplicate what original finish may have survived over the years.

Distress The Finish

Wipe any overspray or distress the finish with something such as a paper towel damp with 91% alcohol depending on the paint used.

30 Ford Hemi Rat

Soaked In White Vinegar

Then get yourself a disposable Ziploc container, put the parts in the container with a paper towel soaked in white vinegar. One may need to wipe the body down with the paper towel leaving wet areas giving it varied results. Close the lid and check it the next day.

Enhance Your Creativity

The end result will look like your a master at rust an weathering models. Check out the final result of this body used here. 30 Ford Hemi Rat

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