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Our goal is to focus on resin engines with multiple parts after seeing so many crappy kit engines where parts like transmission pan, fuel pump, and head gaskets where molded into the main block. It started when I was building the AMT 70 Camaro BB and the intake didn’t fit the block. I searched the internet for comments from fellow modelers and found they had problems with poor fitting parts. I looked at what was being offered in aftermarket resin engines and was not impressed with the kit engines that other companies had to offer. Before I cast my first model part, I studied pictures of engines and tried replicating their appearance on my part to be cast. I started with the Chevy BB and found appropriate fitting parts and tried crafty block and accessories as authentic as possible. After a few died attempts…I am impressed with how detail the parts had become. My favorite accomplishment is the 31pc Chevy BB that has sold a hand full of times. This is a dream of mine to be able to produce a stock of my parts, but I do have a real job that owns my days. Right now the 31pc Chevy BB kits I mold as orders come in. All parts are hand inspected, sanded, and fitted for spot-on placement before shipping. I am blessed with a great gal who allows me to put quality time into this dream of mine.


John Smith


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To supply fellow modeler’s with quality resin parts to make each built an authentic replica.


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